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여성 ICT 활용 능력 향상을위한 공공 장소로서의 도서관 이용


Studies have shown that when women have access to education, their families and communities benefit. As more and more information is moving online, it is critical that women and girls have equal, safe, and reliable access to computers and the internet. Without access to computers, the internet, and technology training, girls and women will continue to be excluded from many opportunities for social and economic leadership.

In this regard, libraries are a basic infrastructure, which most countries have regardless of the difference in national development levels. They are invaluable assets to be recreated as a platform for socioeconomic innovation. As a platform for life-long education, libraries contribute to regional integration, community vitalization, and improvement in individuals’ quality of life.

Provide ‘value innovative’ education, combining ICT and Leadership


Women’s development through ICT is not only about learning technics but also includes encouraging women to realize ‘value innovation’ and to establish vision through self-leadership.

A combination of concepts below is essential in order to provide ‘value innovative’ education for women and girls in ASEAN member states:

  1. ‘women’ as a nation’s growth engine for economic development,
  2. ‘ICT’ as a sustainable development, and
  3. ‘library’ as a convenient and safe venue for education is essential.

With these concepts in mind, APWINC launched an ASEAN Cooperation Project Titled, “Strategy for ASEAN Women’ Socioeconomic Empowerment through ICT Literacy and Leadership Education” with the support from ASEAN-ROK Special Cooperation Fund.

This project presents seven training modules that build upon each other in order to reduce ICT illiteracy of individuals who lack access to nearby infrastructure and to promote women’s socioeconomic empowerment.

For user guideline, each module consists of Power Point slides and with additional explanation of the content.

What do ASEAN Women’s Training Contents Cover?


5 Modules for ICT Skills Training

Module 1: Introduction to Business Strategy According to Market Changes
Download [PDF]
Module 2: Searching and Managing Customized Information for Enhancing ICT Literacy of ASEAN Women
Download [PDF]
Module 3: Use of Excel Program for Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Business Practice
Download [PDF]
Module 4: Google Slide/Prezi Tutorial
Download [PDF]
Module 5: Photoshop Tutorial
Download [PDF]

2 Modules for Leadership Training

Module 1: Leadership Skill Building
Download [PDF]
Module 2: Gender Inclusive Leadership
Download [PDF]

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