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[SM News][UNESCO UNITWIN] Asia Pacific Women's Information Network Center Conducts Gender Equality Training for Faculty Members and Staff at Two Laos Universities



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Participants are sharing opinions at the ‘Faculty Workshop’ conducted by the Asia Pacific Women’s Information Center at the National University of Laos, Vientiane, Lao PDR.


Asia-Pacific Women's Information Network Center(APWINC) at Sookmyung Women's University, a UNESCO Chair institution, recently completed the education program aimed at enhancing awareness of gender equality and sensitivity among approximately 110 professors and staff members at two universities in Laos.


The 'Faculty Workshop,' organized by APWINC, engaged a total of 116 people at Souphanouvong University in Laos for two days starting on Monday, January 15th, and at National University of Laos for two days commencing Thursday, January 18th.


This workshop was designed to address the growing importance of gender equality in Laos, and the need for gender mainstreaming education, fostering decision-making processes within universities devoid of gender discrimination in all areas of society. It is part of the UNESCO UNITWIN project that our university has been involved in since 2016 to strengthen the capabilities of ASEAN women through digital and leadership education.


Referring to the 2023 Global Gender Gap Report by World Economic Forum(WEF), Lao PDR secured the 54th position among 146 countries. However, notable challenges persist in specific domains, with particularly lower rankings in areas such as women's educational attainment (107th) and political capacity building (101st).


Participants in the workshop engaged in thoughtful discussions on gender issues within organizations in Lao society from a gender-sensitive perspective. Drawing comparisons between South Korea and Laos, ideas on overcoming obstacles hindering gender equality and the providing practical support needed for Laotian women were shared.


In particular, the workshop witnessed active participation in activities analyzing how societal awareness can transform unequal gender norms and proposing measures for improvement. This workshop is evaluated to have contributed significantly to providing sustainable education by reflecting awareness of gender equality in Lao's higher education institutions.