Cooperation Fund Project

For the purpose of fostering collaboration within the ASEAN region and between Korea and ASEAN, the APWINC has actively undertaken a spectrum of projects. These initiatives span development cooperation, technology transfer, human resources development and exchange, as well as cultural and academic exchange, etc.

These endeavors have been made possible through the utilization of the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund, which serves as a pivotal resource in advancing the shared objectives of the participating nations. The projects undertaken by APWINC underscore a commitment to strengthening the bonds of partnership and facilitating mutual progress in areas of strategic importance.

The APWINC has consistently demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the digital and economic capabilities of women in the ASEAN region. Especially, the empowerment of micro-, small- & medium-sized enterprise (MSMEs) owners holds significant importance in the economic development of the ASEAN region. Recognized as pivotal contributors to the ASEAN economy, MSMEs play a crucial role, particularly in the context of the ongoing digital transformation.

The APWINC remains committed to its mission, and is actively engaged in the implementation of the "Five-Year ASEAN-Korea cooperation project of 'Enhancing Digital Economy Participation for ASEAN Women MSMEs'". This initiative, spanning from 2022, is strategically designed to provide substantial support to women entrepreneurs in the ASEAN region, with a primary focus on enhancing their digital skills and strengthening e-Business capabilities.

Enhancing Digital Economy Participation for ASEAN Women MSMEs (IDEAS Project)
  • Reinforcing e-Business Capacity of ASEAN Women-owned MSMEs
  • Contributing to the revitalization of the ASEAN regional economy
  • Strengthening the relationship between the ASEAN region and the Republic of Korea
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ASEAN Women’s Economic Empowerment through Digital Literacy and e-Business Education
  • ASEAN women’s economic empowerment through digital skills and e-Business education
  • Program development of ICT and e-Business education for women in libraries of ASEAN member states
  • Localizing training contents and developing training programs
  • Facilitating ASEAN women's acquisition and sharing of e-Business-related information through the establishment of e-Business platforms (WISESTART, LaoMe)
Strategy for ASEAN Women’s Socioeconomic Empowerment through ICT Literacy and Leadership Education
  • Developing ASEAN Women’s ICT Development Index (WIDI) that is applicable to policy making and implementation for improving ASEAN women’s digital literacy
  • Building up educational contents of digital/leadership/livelihood-based education for women’s digital literacy
  • Utilizing libraries as a platform for women’s digital education, training female micro-entrepreneurs in digital literacy and leadership
Development and Delivery of Livelihood-Based e-Services for ASEAN Women
  • Conducting preliminary research on the current status and demands of e-Services for ASEAN women
  • Building a database on the use of digital technology by women in ASEAN
  • e-Service toolkit development and its pilot application for ASEAN women
Promotion of Rural Women’s Livelihood through the Use of ICT
  • Conducting research on the need for information and motives for utilizing digital skills among rural women in the 10 ASEAN member states
  • Developing customized training contents for sustainable usage
  • Enhancing the capacity of local ICT education by empowering local trainers
  • Building rural women’s capacity to use digital skills


In 1998, Sookmyung Women's University was appointed as
the UNESCO Chair in the field of 'Communication Technology
for Women' in recognition of its contribution to the characterization
of the field of women's empowerment. The Asia Pacific Women's Information
Network Center was selected as the implementing organization and is actively
working with domestic and foreign governments, universities, and international
UNESCO Chairs promote the transformation of knowledge and advancement of
disciplines through academic and scientific cooperation. We strive to expand
opportunities for women's leadership and digital empowerment through
research, publications, and academic activities related to women and the digital
field (symposia, forums, and expert meetings), as well as through
the provision of digital information services.


UNITWIN is an acronym for University Twinning and Networking.
The program was adopted at the 26th session of the UNESCO General
Conference in 1992 and seeks to strengthen the capacity of universities and
higher education institutions through knowledge sharing and collaborative
projects. The UNITWIN program enables universities in developed and
developing countries to work together on unique topics in a variety of fields in order to
strengthen the capabilities
of universities and their human resources through collaboration
and research, sharing educational materials, and operating educational
programs. In 2015, Sookmyung Women's University was selected
as the host university for "Women's Empowerment through ICT
and Leadership Education" and is currently networking with 18 universities in 9
countries on the same theme.

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Sookmyung Women's University UNESCO UNITWIN Operating System and Partner Countries/Universities

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Sookmyung Leader's Club, a private club at the prestigious private university Sookmyung Women’s University

Sookmyung Leader's Club provides a special experience for a life without regrets in the 100-year era of practicing holistic growth and achievement, contributing and sharing, and noblesse oblige.


It is comprised of people who are respected as leaders in each field.


We operate a membership system that recruits club members once a year.


It is a group that meets twice a month (20 times a year) and builds a strong network among members through special lectures by invited speakers, small group activities, and various workshops.

Sookmyung’s industry-academia linkage model

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