The APWINC serves as the leading hub
of an international development network
for women's empowerment.


The Asia Pacific Women’s Information Network Center,
a UNESCO chair organization in Communication Technology
for Women at Sookmyung Women’s University,
is an institution, established in November 1996,
that aims to promote gender equality and increase women’s potential and skills
in the digital field in the Asia Pacific region.

We collaborate with international organizations,
governmental organizations, and NGOs
to develop digital-related projects for women.

We are making various efforts to play a pioneering role
in women’s informatization
by conducting research, field surveys, education, and training.
We also host conferences, workshops, and seminars in gender and digital skills.

International Development Cooperation

International Development Cooperation

The APWINC contributes to the international community
by conducting various projects
with international organizations, international NGOs,
and governments, including ODA projects.

Women's Empowerment

The APWINC contributes to closing the gender gap
by conducting research, academic activities,
education, and training
to support women's leadership and digital empowerment.

Global Networking

The APWINC serves as an international cooperation hub
in the digital field,
promoting women's empowerment
through the formation of networks with 49 countries.