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Sookmyung Women's University was nominated as a UNESCO Chair in the field of 'Communication Technology for Women' for its contribution to specialization in women's empowerment in 1998. APWINC was appointed as the host institution of the UNESCO-UNITWIN program and has actively conducted its role with domestic and foreign governments, universities, and international organizations.

UNESCO Chair promotes knowledge transformation and the advance of learning through academic and scientific cooperation, APWINC hence has made efforts to empower women and expand their opportunities through not only researches related to gender & ICT, publication and academic activities (symposium, forum, and experts conference), but also the provision of digital information services.


UNITWIN (The University Twinning and Networking) program was established in 1992 at the 26th session of the UNESCO General Conference with the aim of building the capacities of higher education and research institutions through exchanging and sharing knowledge.

UNITWIN program has carried out various activities with partner universities from developed and developing countries in various fields such as cooperative research, sharing educational materials, and managing education programs, aiming at capacity building and development of universities and thier human resources.

In 2014, Sookmyung Wowen's University was appointed as a host university of 'Wowen's empowerment through ICT skills and leadership education' and build a network with the agenda. Currently, it has cooperated with 16 universities from 9 countries.

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