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ASEAN-KOREA Cooperation Project

For the purpose of promoting cooperation within ASEAN region and between Korea and ASEAN, APWINC has been conducted various project for development cooperation, technology transfer, human resources development and exchange, cultural and academic exchange, etc. by ASEAN-KOREA Cooperation Fund.

In 2009 APWINC conducted project 'Development and Implementation of ICT Training Tool for Improving Standards of Living of Rural Women' with ITU(The International Telecommunications Union), and locally customized training in the Philippines and Bhutan.

Raised about the need for expansion of the project based on the effectiveness of the project considering regional charateristics, APWINC proposed the project to ASEAN-KOREA cooperation project in partnership with ITU in 2010 aiming to expand the former project to the ASEAN Nations, and has conducted it up to the present

<2017> ASEAN Women's Economic Empowerment through Digital Literacy and e-Business Education

  • ASEAN women's economic empowerment through ICT use and e-business education
  • Program development of ICT and e-business education for women in libraries of ASEAN member countries
  • Localizing training contents and developing program of training
  • Learning and sharing the information fo e-business among ASEAN women by establishing e-business platform

<2013> Strategy for ASEAN Women's Socioeconomic Empowerment through ICT Literacy and Leadership Education

  • Developed ASEAN women's ICT development index (WIDI) that is applicable to policy making and implementation for improving ASEAN women's ICT literacy
  • Built up education contents of ICT/Leadership/Livelihood-based for ASEAN women
  • Utilized library as a platform for women's ICT education, trained female micro-entrepreneurs for theis ICT literacy and leadership

<2012> Development and Delivery of Livelihood-Based e-Service for ASEAN Women

  • Conducted a preliminary research on the current status and demands of e-Services for ASEAN women
  • Built database of the ICT use of women in ASEAN
  • E-Service toolkit development and pilot application of e-service for ASEAN women

<2010> Promotion of Rural Women's Livelihood with ICT Use

  • Conducted research on the needs of the information and motive for utilizing ICT among rural women of the 10 ASEAN member states
  • Developed customized training contents for sustainable usage
  • Enhanced the capacity of local ICT education by empowering training local trainers
  • Rural women's capacity building to use ICT

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