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Leaders club of sookmyung

Sookmyung Leaders Club Homepage

Sookmyung Leaders Club

Private Dormitory Sookmyung Women's University's Private Club, Sookmyung Leaders Club.

Offering a unique experience for total growth and achievement, contribution and sharing, practicing the Noblesse Oblivion, and regretless life in the age of 100. Aiming at a model in which companies and schools grow together through the linkage of industry-academia with the theme of "convergence and co-existence".

The Sookmyung Leaders Club is composed of people with respect and virtue as leaders in their fields..

The Sookmyung Leadership Club is operated as a member who recruits club members once a year.

The Sookmyung Leadership Club holds regular meetings twice a month (20 times a year) and it's to build strong network among members through guest speakers's special lectures, small group activities, and various workshops.

#502, Centennial Hall, Cheongpa-ro 47-gil 100, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea 140-742

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