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단행본  l  APEC 역내 여성의 젠더&ICT, e-Business에 대해 과학적이고 체계적인 조사와 연구를 수행함으로써 효율적인 지원정책안을 작성하여 단행본 약 50여종을 발간하였습니다.

    ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund, MOFA





     Asia Pacific Women’s Information Network Center at Sookmyung Women’s University (Director, Myonghee Kim, Ph.D.) has published‘Research on Development and Management of ASEAN Women’s ICT Development Index (WIDI)’on January 2016 with the support from ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea.


     This research was conducted in collaboration with Gloal Women’s ICT Network (GWIN, Dr. Kio Chung Kim, President) and 10 ASEAN member states’ researchers representing Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
     This report is the outcome of the six-month project aimed at developing a women’s ICT index framework for the ASEAN member states in order to enrich ASEAN gender data for bridging the gender digital divide. It includes 10 ASEAN country reports analyzing and summarizing their current ICT and gender status and the outcome of ‘WIDI Development and Management Workshop for ASEAN Experts’.


     We hope that WIDI report can contribute to the level of ASEAN women’s ICT literacy competencies as well as empowering their socioeconomic capabilities.

정보화 사회에서의 여성의 권리  
여성 기업 : APEC 지역에서의 e-비즈니스 활용 사례 연구  
선진국과 한국간의 여성기업 지원정책 비교에 관한 연구  
선진국의 여성기업 지원정책 및 실질적인 여성기업지원사업 수립 방안  
아태지역 여성을 위한 e-비즈니스와 기회에 관한 세미나  
WSIS Thematic 회의 : 정보통신기술과 젠더에 관한 포럼  
해외 여성기업 실태조사  
'아세안 저소득층 여성의 생활수준 향상을 위한 ICT 활용 프로젝트' 사전연구보고서  
중남미 여성의 디지털 경제참여를 위한 혁신 전략 프로젝트 연구보고서  
APWINC has published ‘Research on Development and Management of ASEAN Women’s ICT Development Index (WIDI)'  
ICT and Leadership Training Contents for Women and Girls in ASEAN Member States  
'개도국 여성의 정보활용능력 제고 방안 연구' 보고서  

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