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Notice  l  We will inform you about APWINC's announcements and major activities.



 [APWINC of Sookmyung women's university 

The first semester of 2018 recruitment recruitment notice of Young Professional(YP) Intern

in KOICA ODA project institution]



APWINC( is an adjunct to Sookmyung Women's University and was established in November 1996 to contribute to the development of information culture and economic power of Korean, North Korean, and Asian and Pacific women. We serve as an international research institute specializing in Gender & ICT that leads the global era through research on cultural contents business, academic activities, education training, and establishment of networks at home and abroad.





1. Number of additional recruitment  1



2. Eligibility


 [Common requirements]

 o Unemployed over 18 years old but under 34 years old

   -  In the case of military expiration, it is possible to support until age 36 (in accordance with Article 16 paragraph 1 of the Law on Army Personnel.)


o Men who has completed his military service or exempts

   - Recruitment focused on new graduates (including prospective graduates)
   - Excludes students, students on a leave of absence, and those who are determined to get a job
   - Postgraduate students can participate only in the unemployed who are on leave of absence from school or who are expected to graduate in the last semester(Those who can issue a certificate of graduation schedule).


o vulnerable layer preferential treatment
   - Disabled, low-income, second-highest class, national welfare recipients, local talent, long-term unemployed for more than six months, women, North Korean defectors and marriage donors


 o Unable to apply for internships and middle-of-the-road abandoner at KOICA's overseas offices and public institution (employment employment department job job) Internship completion


[Detailed requirements]

  o Person who can collect and report in English
  o Participants who can host various events (Workshop, forum hosting assistant)


  o Preferred to those who are suspected of participating in ODA projects and experienced in the event's progress (work shop, forum hosting, etc.)



3. Performing work

 o Support for UNESCO UNITWIN project (Supporting project for developing countries)

   - Conducting joint projects with universities and government agencies in developing countries in the field of enhancing women's competency through ICT and leadership training

   - 2018 Participation Countries: Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia


o Future Creation Science Department supports, Supporting the implementation of the two-stage UNDP cooperation project

 - Empowerment of Asian Women's Socio-economic Competitiveness through Information and Communication and 

   e-Farm Business Education

 - Participating countries: Cambodia, Indonesia


o APEC to Improve Women's Economic Capabilities and Support for carrying out ICT projects


o Support for other administrative tasks such as international cooperation



4. Working condition

 o Working style : Working days a week (Mon-Fri, 09: 00 ~ 17: 30)

 o Work place: APWINC office (Sookmyung Women's University 100 years memorial hall)

 o Fee: 1.58 million won per month (including 4 insurance)

 o Contract period: 2018. 1. 1. - 2018. 7. 31 (7 month) - renewable according to results after the end of the period.


5. Application method and schedule

1) How to choose

o 1st: Document screening


o 2nd: Interview (Individual notification of successful applicants)

2) Application Schedule

 o Application period: ~. 12. 15 (Fri) Reception by 16:00

 Receive application: Create and submit of applications from KOICA ODA Young intern recruitment site
                  contact → Select institution [APWINC of Sookmyung women's university]


o Document review

   - Within one week after the reception deadline

o Interview

   - Interview only if successful applicants of document review
   - Interview schedule: Individual notice within 3 days after document review



6. Required Documents

 o Resume and self introduction
 o Other documents must be submitted if successful applicants of document review.

    - Final graduation (scheduled) certificate, certificate copy, etc.



7. Question

 o The person in charge : Researcher Ban Han-ee

                  Tel. 02-2077-7294    Email. 





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