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Notice  l  We will inform you about APWINC's announcements and major activities.

2016 Youth Intern recruitment notice of ODA project (KOICA)



1. Number of applicants: 2



2. Eligibility


 [Common requirements]

 o Unemployed over 18 years old but under 34 years old

   - In the case of military expiration, it is possible to support until age 36 (in accordance with Article 16 paragraph 1 of the Law on Army Personnel.)


 o Men who has completed his military service or exempts.

   - Recruitment focused on new graduates (including prospective graduates)
   - Excludes students, students on a leave of absence, and those who are determined to get a job
   - Postgraduate students can participate only in the unemployed who are on leave of absence from school or who are expected to graduate in the last semester(Those who can issue a certificate of graduation schedule).


 o vulnerable layer preferential treatment
   - Disabled, low-income, second-highest class, national welfare recipients, local talent, long-term unemployed for more than six months, women, North Korean defectors and marriage donors


 o Unable to apply for internships and middle-of-the-road abandoner at KOICA's overseas offices



[Detailed requirements]

 o ODA Business Participation Career Preference

 o ODA Certificate holders preferential preference
 o Person who can collect and report in English
 o Those who can perform various events (workshops, forum progress assistance)
 o Those who can work full-time during weekdays
 o No matter the specialism (but, prefer to major in international studies, international relations, major in international development)



3. Performing work

 o Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Project support
   -  Socio-economic Empowerment Strategy through ICT Literacy and Leadership Education for ASEAN Women

 o KOICA training business operation support

 o Support for UNESCO UNITWIN project (Supporting project for developing countries)

 o Future Creation Science Department supports, UNDP cooperation project supports



4. Working condition

 o Working days a week (Mon-Fri, 09: 00 ~ 17: 30)

 o Work place: APWINC office (Sookmyung Women's University 100 years memorial hall))

 o Fee: 1.27 million won per month (including 4 insurance)

 o Contract period: 2016. 1. 1. - 2016.6. 30 (renewable according to results after the end of the period)



5. Application method and schedule

1) How to choose

 o 1st: Document screening

 o 2nd: Interview (Individual notification of successful applicants)

2) Application Schedule

 o Application Deadline: Friday, December 4, 2015 - Friday, December 11, 17:00

 o Receive application :

 o Document review

   - Within one week after the reception deadline
   - Decision of applicants within three times of planned number of applicants

 o  Interview

   - Interview only if successful applicants of document review
   - Interview schedule: Individual notice within 3 days after document review



6. Required Documents

 o Resume and self introduction
 o Other documents must be submitted if successful applicants of document review.



7. Question : for E-mail (


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