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Notice  l  We will inform you about APWINC's announcements and major activities.

The UNESCO-UNITWIN program, which is under way at APWINC, is a program that enhances ICT and leadership skills for girls in developing countries under the theme "Strengthening Women's Capabilities Through ICT and Leadership Education."

Since 2016, we have visited cooperative universities in Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos to provide education programs for female university students there. (Reference to

This year, we are hosting programs with our universities in Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia.


During this summer vacation, we are recruiting students to participate in local education to be conducted as four cooperative universities in Laos and Cambodia.

We hope students who are interested in this apply.(In Indonesia, it will take place during the winter vacation.)



1. Period: Each week or so between July and August.

① National University of Laos (7/8?7/15): Actual training period 7/9/7/13 (Vientiane)

② Souphanouvong University of Laos (7/15–7/21): Actual education period 7/16–7/20 (Luang Prabang)

③ Royal University of Phnom Penh of Cambodia (7/29-8/4): Actual education period 7/30-8/3 (Fnom Penh)

④ Life University of Cambodia (8/11~8/19): Actual education period 8/13~8/17 (Sihanoukville)

- Travel time considered, actual local training period is 5 days

- A 1-2 day schedule may be changed depending on the flight schedule and local situation



2. Activity content and number of people to be recruited

- 00 people in ICT/leadership

- Assist the the course of a lecture and group activity

- Support group presentation preparation

- Assist and support ICT labs (such as Aduino)

- Planning and conducting a special activity or field trip



3. Qualification of applying and Advantage

- 3rd semester to 8th semester students and students on leave

- Ability to communicate and train in English

- Advantage of related majors in ICT field



4. Applicant country and area

- Applicant country : Complete all available dates by referring to the local training schedule within the application

- Applicant area : 1 field name of leadership / ICT



5. Participation cost: 200,000 won

Participation fees will be used for meals and activities in the country, and the Education Ministry will provide other expenses for activities such as airfare and accommodation.



6. How to apply

Please fill out the attached application form and personal information usage agreement below. Please submit it to ( by midnight on April 30. Interviewee will be notified individually at a later.


* Participation in all schedules of the 2 pre-meeting sessions (which are scheduled during May-June) and the launch ceremony and activity reporting meeting (expected in September). If you do not attend, the selection may be cancelled.



Inquiry: APWINC (02-710-9895 /

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