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    The Electronic Times
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    Apr 20, 2005
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APEC, confirms high-level official bureau meeting




The e-business project for women in Korea, which was proposed at the APEC Summit in Busan this November, has recently been confirmed as the APEC Senior Officials Conference (SOM) project. As a result, Korea is expected to lead the e-business of Asian women by educating the CEOs of leading women's companies in Korea as well as establish e-business infrastructure in Asia.



According to the authorities and academics of the 18th , at The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit this year in Busan, MOCIE (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) and APWINC (Kim Gyo jung,Center chief of APWINC, Sookmyung Women's University Professor of Multimedia) proposed and adopted the "Initiative for APEC Women's Digital Economy", which aims at e-business for women as an e-business issue.



According to this program, APEC women's companies are receiving relevant e-biz education in Korea, which is expected to lead to export of domestic e-business solutions and services.

This project, which will be held for five years from 2005 to 2009, will be held by APWINC under the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy. In this regard, APWINC will establish the APEC e-Biz Center for promoting business in August.



The e-Biz Center will carry out projects such as: △ research on expanding the digital economy of women, △ APEC e-business training, △ Cy-Biz world construction, △ digital economic forum for women.


The study on women 's digital economy expansion is based on the status of women' s companies in 21 APEC economies and the status and actual status of e - business of these companies.

Cybersworld is supporting APEC women's businesses that are not e-business-oriented due to their technical skills, professional manpower and low cost. It consists of e-business system application leasing service (ASP), online community composition, and e-commerce induction.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) and the Center are planning to make Korean e-business companies enter the APEC market during the process of establishing the Siber Biz World.

eBusiness Training and Digital Economic Forum will be held in two weeks and two days in July and August. The Forum organizes training and discussion programs and invites 21 female businessmen from member countries.



Kim Kyo-jung, director of APWINC, said, "The level of e-business for women in Asia and the Pacific has been very low." and said "We plan to build a roadmap based on the current status of this year, and then develop various businesses ranging from m commerce u (ubiquitous) to commerce."

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