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Activity Data  l  APWINC's international cooperation, research and development activities are introduced through domestic and foreign media.

[Asia Economic] Hwang Seon-hye, Sookmyung Women's University president, "I will actively pursue academic research as if it were a imperial school "  
[Leaders Forum] Korean Women's Growth as Leaders of the New Asia  
[Leaders Forum] Global Power of Korean IT Women  
[Renaissance Sookmyung Women's University] Expanding exchanges with Africa - Europe ... Standing as a research base for overseas studies in Korea  
[News]Workshop on Eliminate the information gap between women's generations  
[Looking for an e-university] Sookmyung Women's University APWINC  
[Meeting between AWS and Sookmyung Women's University] Future education and talent development strategy in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution  
KOCCA Establishment of Cultural Content Network in Indonesia  
What is IT?  
APEC, confirms high-level official bureau meeting  
Hosting the Digital Economic Forum for Women in APEC  
Host the APEC Women's IT Training Training  
APEC Women's e Biz Festival is held  
In September, female CEOs are coming to Daegu.  
2021 유네스코 유니트윈 주관대학 공동세미나 개최  
2016 Handong University – Sookmyung Women's University UNESCO-UNITWIN Joint Seminar  
2012 UNDP Project 'Innovation Strategies for Digital Economic Participation of Women in Central and South America' Workshop  
2007 APEC Women's IT Training  
Opened 'APEC Women's e-Business Training'  
"Indonesia female civil servant, we're learning from Sookmyung women university."  
"Be prepared before the Umanomics era."  
"Smart technology, women's economic participation to expand"  
"I'm here to learn about Sangju e-Biz."  

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