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    Mar 23, 2006
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[Person] Kim, Kyo-jung (Director APWINC of Sookmyung Women's University)




"Women and e-business match well. In order to expand women's social participation and broaden their business opportunities, women's e-biz experience and women's enterprise e-biz utilization should be maximized. "



 Director Kim Kyo-jeong(58)(APWINC of Sookmyung Women's University who have been in the 10th year) emphasized the importance of women and e-business, saying that many women who have been restricted in social participation due to various problems such as childbirth, childcare, and discrimination are getting new opportunities through e-business. Kim, who has consistently been engaged in research activities and education to make a link between women, IT, women and e-business for 10 years, is a godmother in the field of women's IT.



 Initially, she approached equality issues to correct the discrimination of women in IT education and use but, In recent years, has been interested in women's success in business using IT and e-business, and synergy among women through online networking.



 "I recently met a female CEO who is happy that she learned e-business and ran an online shopping mall, so she can do both her work and her house work. and I was convinced that e-business transparency, reliability, and equality are very good values for women.  but, women in APEC countries, including ours, are still struggling with e-business skills acquisition and education. "



Kim opened the APEC Women's e-Biz Center in August last year, expanding her visibility to women in other countries. Over the next five years, she will conduct research on women's e-business in 21 APEC economies, run educational programs, and build networks among women through online communities.



 In particular, the APEC Women's Business and e-Business White Paper, a 400-page survey of in-depth e-business status of APEC women's companies, has already been published. This is the first time in the world that a white paper gathering the status of women's e-business in each country compared to men's business came out. It is expected to be used as valuable data. “This survey has resulted in many different tasks. In order to raise the e-biz level of women companies that are in a relatively low utilization level, it is necessary to continue education and training, and to have consultation points and support organizations.”



 Kim emphasized that when conducting statistical surveys on e-business in APEC member countries, it is necessary to include gender items so that the status and changes of women's e-biz status can be clearly understood.


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