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Published data  l  We provides publications related to business and research conducted by APWINC

UNESCO Chair Project : Report on Communication Technology for Women  
A Study on the Web Information Service for the Support of Women's Information Service (1998.12 ~ 2000)  
Communication technology for women  
A Study on the Basic Strategies for Informatization of Women's Institutions  
A Study on the Establishment of the Foundation for the Information System of Women's Group  
Women Informatization Knowledge-based Strategy: Low Change, Specialization, Globalization  
Global Strategy for Online and Information  
Women's Information Technology Knowledgy-Based Strategy : Low Change, Specialization, Globalization  
A New Proposal for Women in the Digital Society  
Women and Cyberspace  
A Study on the Information Service Education Program for the Mitigation of the Digital Difference and the Informatization of Women in the Asia-Pacific Region  
Gender equality through ICT  
Online Training Center for Women (2001 ~ 2002)  
A gender issue in IT policy  
Gender Equality Through Information and Communication Technology and Internet  
A Study on the Current Status of Women's informatization and the Education Model to Reduce the Digital Difference between Men and Women  
A Gender Issue in Information and Communication Technology Policy  
Promoting Economic Activities of APEC Women through the Development of Information and Communication Technology Capability  
Online Education Center for Women in the Asia-Pacific Region  
Development of Informatization Indicators for Women in Asia-Pacific (2002.2 ~ 2003.8)  

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