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As a part of the 2015 broadcasting policy study, APWINC conducted research on improving information literacy for women in developing countries (focusing on 'case studies on ICT use among Latin America women'). And the results were published ad research reports.





The study identifies the services needed to enhance information literacy in developing countries, presents the service delivery system and operating model, and selects the target countries in Latin America based on data grouping based on data for effective ODA implementation. It is aimed at presenting concrete implementation plan.


The research consists of the following three parts.


- Identify the strategic elements to be considered in order to enhance the information literacy of developing countries, and group countries in developing countries for effective ICT ODA on the basis of relevant information.


- Establish a system for necessary services and effective delivery to be provided for the information literacy of women in developing countries.


- Using the result of grouping of countries in Latin America, the target country is selected and the implementation plan and operation model for enhancing the information utilization ability of the target country is presented



The accompanying document is abstract of the research report. Please contact APWINC if you have a report or any additional questions.

(02-710-9895 /


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