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Performed business  l  You can see the history of Asia Pacific Women's Information Network Center.

Establishing an e-business network for rural women's living cooperative enterprises  
2008 Cultural Contents Global Network Construction Project  
Economic empowerment of rural women in Asian through green cooperative entrepreneurship  
A Study on Diversification of Women's Competency Development Project in Developing Countries  
Initiative for APEC Women's Digital Economic Participation  
A Study on the Utilization and Storage of Electronic Documents for the 2009 APEC a Paperless Business Environment  
Development and delivery of training tools on the use of ICTs for the promotion on livelihood for women in rural area  
Deepening learning type training invited Mongolian officials for women policy field experience  
A Study on the Improvement of Online Content Related to Korea  
Strengthening capacity of gender equality in Pakistan  
A Study on Utilization of Campus Campaigns to Promote Online Content Related to Korea  
A Study on the Operation of the Global Human Network for the Improvement of the Nation Brand  
APEC E-commerce International Cooperation  
2010 APEC Training Program for ICT Reverse Function Prevention Education  
Ministry of Gender Equality and Family's e-Biz Education Training for Women in Developing Countries  
2010 Our cartoon localization support business  
Innovation Strategy for Peruvian Women's Digital Economy Participation  
ICT Utilization Project for Improving Living Conditions for Low-income Women in ASEAN  
Innovation Strategies for Digital Economic Participation of South American Women  
Economic Improvement of Rural Women in Africa  

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