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활동사항  l  아태여성정보통신원의 활동사항에 대해 알려드립니다.



The local training of 2017 Sookmyung UNESCO-UNITWIN program: Women’s Empowerment through ICT Skills and Leadership Education at Universitas Gadjah Mada(UGM) in a beautiful city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia was held from January 8 to 12, 2018.

During the 5-day training, 80 female trainees from UGM divided into 2 groups to learn ICT skills and Women’s Leadership; The ICT trainees obtained practical ICT knowledges on image & video editing, presentation skills, and basic coding. On the other hand, the Leadership trainees had not only several lectures about female leadership, but also a variety of activities such as meetings with local female leaders, cultural exchanges, and a community service field trip.

With the successful completion of local training at UGM, 2017 Sookmyung UNESCO-UNITWIN program: Women’s Empowerment through ICT Skills and Leadership Education has come to the finish. In the new year of 2018, APWINC will keep exerting itself for partner universities’ & countries’ women empowerment, gender equality, and, by extension, the achievement of UN SDGs.



  • 한-중남미 ICT장관포럼서 ICT교육 프로젝트 우수사례 발표
  • Training of Female Micro-entrepreneurs and Evaluation Forum for 2013 ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Project ‘Strategy for ASEAN Women’s Socioeconomic Empowerment through ICT Literacy and Leadership Education’
  • Director Yunkeum Chang gave a speech at the 2014 APEC Women and the Economy Forum
  • 우리대학, UNESCO와 UNITWIN 주관대학 업무협약(MOU) 체결
  • Dr. Thomas Pogge gave a Special Lecture at Sookmyung
  • Women entrepreneurs encouraged to take advantage of smart technologies to help their businesses become more competitive.
  • 아프리카 농촌여성의 경제력 향상을 위한 1차년도 연수 성공적으로 마쳐
  • KOICA Training Program - Gender Equality Policy (Afghanistan)
  • 아태여성정보통신원, 페루서 APEC 여성기업과 스마트기술 세미나 개최해
  • APWINC's visit to Cambodia and Indonesia as part of the UNESCO-UNITWIN Program
  • 2017 UNESCO-UNITWIN local training at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia
  • 2016 UNESCO-UNITWIN Project: UNITWIN Network Establishment Workshop
  • 아태여성정보통신원, 미국에서 열린 UN관련 엑스포에서 글로벌 역량 과시하고 돌아와
  • 아태여성정보통신원, 동남아 3개국서 UNESCO-UNITWIN ICT와 리더십 교육 성공적으로 마쳐
  • 아태여성정보통신원, 개도국 여성 지원하는 현지교육단 발대식 열어
  • 아태여성정보통신원, UNESCO-UNITWIN 여성 대상 현지 교육 성황리에 마쳐
  • 아태여성정보통신원, 2017 UNESCO-UNITWIN 국제 ICT 경진대회 성공리에 개최
  • 아태여성정보통신원, 2017 KOICA 아프가니스탄 양성평등정책과정 진행
  • APWINC successfully hosted APEC-WEF ‘Smart Technology and APEC Women’s Economic Empowerment in the 4th Industrial Revolution’ in Hue, Vietnam on September 28, 2017.
  • “WIDI Development and Management Workshop for ASEAN Experts”

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