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Sub Promotion

International Cooperation

Leading hub for international collaboration in the field of ICT for women and family

The geographical coverage of APWINC projects ranges from the Asia Pacific region including South East Asia and the Americas, to the African and Arab countries.
The main mission for our cooperation is to provide ICT education to local women and trainers in order to nurture their ICT capabilities to reduce poverty and promote their livelihood.

Institution for UNESCO Chair in Communication Technology for Women Since 1998

Researches, publications, academic activities (symposium, forum and advisory meeting) and digital information services related to gender and ICT are conducted.

UNESCO-UNITWIN Host University for Womens’ Empowerment through ICT Skills and Leadership Education

APWINC serves to build the capacities of higher education and research institutions in developing countries by exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences in ICT and leadership area.

Partners & Countires

Int’l Development Project

APWINC carries out various projects with international organizations, governments, and international NGOs to overcome the ‘gender digital divide’.

Int’l Conference & Forum

APWINC provides conferences, and forums that promote regional cooperation and collective action to assist countries in building and sustaining shared vision in gender and ICT.

Global Networking

The key human network in 49 countries world-wide allows APWINC to serve as a leading hub for international collaboration in the field of ICT for women and family.

Recent International Activity Case

ASEAN / MOFA ASEAN Member States ㆍ Strategy for ASEAN Women’s Socioeconomic Empowerment through ICT Literacy and Leadership Education 2015
KOICA Indonesia ㆍ Capacity Building of Gender Policy in Indonesia 2013-2015
ASEAN / MOFA ASEAN Member States ㆍ Development and Delivery of Livelihood-Based e-Service for ASEAN Women 2014
KOICA Africa ㆍ Economic Empowerment for African Rural Women 2013-2015
UNDP / MSIP South America ㆍ Innovative Strategies for Andean Women’s Participation in Digital Economy 2012-2014
APEC / KTGF APEC ㆍ APEC Training Program for Preventive Education on ICT Misuse 2009-2012
ASEAN / MOFA ASEAN ㆍ Promotion of Rural Women’s Livelihood with ICT Use 2011
MOGEF World ㆍ E-Biz Training for Women Project 2010
IDB Peru ㆍ Innovative Strategies for Peruvian Women's Participation in Digital Economy : A Pilot Program for Women Entrepreneurs 2010
ITU Philippines,Bhutan ㆍ Development and Delivery of Training Tools on the Use of ICTs for the Promotion of Livelihood for Women in Rural Areas 2009-2010
MOTIE APEC ㆍ Study on APEC Paperless Business Environment with the Focus on the Use & Archiving of e-Documents 2010
MOTIE APEC ㆍ Initiative for APEC Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy 2005-2009
MOGEF APEC ㆍ APEC Women IT Education Training 2007-2008
APEC : Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
ASEAN : Association of South-East Asian Nations
IDB : Inter American Development Bank
ITU : International Telecommunication Union
KOICA : Korea International Cooperation Agency
KTGF : KT group Hope Sharing Foundation
MOFA : Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MOGEF : Ministry of Gender Equality & Family
MOTIE : Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy
MSIP : Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
UNDP : United Nation Development Programme

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